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Ryan Pècot Adopted Dog Brewing

In the heart of Lafayette, a unique brewery came to life through a series of serendipitous events, entwining the destinies of Ryan Pécot, his wife Traci, and their adopted dogs. The story of Adopted Dog Brewing is not just about beer; it's a tale of unexpected journeys, shared passions, and community spirit.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan and Traci Pécot recently to get the dynamic story behind Adopted Dog Brewing.  After the interview, Ryan took me on a tour of the brew room—I was blown away as he walked me through the processes of brewing beer and how it truly is an exact science.  It was like Disney World for me!  I am a massive fan of Ryan and Traci—equally impressive, inspiring, outgoing, approachable, and friendly people.  Making folks feel at home is purposeful and evident as soon as you walk into Tchoup’s MidCity or Adopted Dog Brewing.

The Back Story

Initially indifferent to beer, Ryan found his curiosity piqued through travels with his dad, brother, and Traci. Each city's local brews told a story, and Ryan longed to bring that narrative home. From reluctantly sipping light beers to exploring the rich depths of stouts and ales, his journey was transformative. He has now documented more than 3,000 brews.  WOW!

The dream of Adopted Dog Brewery took shape after a chance encounter — a flat tire after dinner on a Friday night led to a joyride the next morning while waiting for the repair led Ryan to stumble upon the location that would become his brewery. This twist of fate inspired the creation of a special brew, the $1M BFG Stout, named in homage to the flat tire incident (and the actual cost of it). This beer symbolizes the ability to transform unexpected challenges into opportunities, embodying the essence and spirit of Adopted Dog Brewing.

The decision to open the brewery was not immediate for Traci. Despite Ryan's enthusiasm upon discovering the perfect location, Traci was initially resistant and concerned about another business venture’s impact on their family life. It was only after seeing the potential of the space herself that Traci began to warm up to the idea, recognizing it as the ideal setting for a brewery despite her initial reservations. The turning point came when Traci suggested naming it Adopted Dog Brewing, reflecting their connection to adoption, which finally brought her on board with the project. This heartfelt decision underscored the brewery's family-oriented ethos. It deepened their commitment to the venture, making it a true family affair and integrating their values into the heart of their business.

As Ryan broke through the bureaucratic barriers of establishing a brewery within city limits, he paved the way for future entrepreneurs, hoping to enrich Lafayette's cultural landscape. Adopted Dog Brewing wasn't just his achievement; it was a beacon for the community, inviting everyone to share in the love of good beer and great company, all under the watchful eyes of their beloved adopted dogs.

The Brews

Ryan's connection with James Lutgring, the brewmaster, traces back to their days at Outback Steakhouse. Their shared work ethic and passion for quality laid the foundation for future collaboration. James, who began homebrewing in the mid-2000s and has a history with local brewing clubs, then later brewing beer professionally, brought his expertise to Adopted Dog. His focus on traditional brewing methods and beer styles ensures a diverse and authentic lineup of 18 beers, including seasonal offerings and unique creations like a blueberry lager named 337, which has become the brewery's flagship beer. The team's dedication to traditional beer styles and innovative offerings like Summer Sizzle, a jalapeño pale ale and Seedless, a watermelon ale, highlights their commitment to quality and variety, making Adopted Dog Brewing a dynamic and welcoming space for beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike—try their pony flights!

The art of naming beers and creating their accompanying artwork is filled with creativity and collaboration. Each beer name, often fun and memorable, is thoughtfully paired with distinctive artwork by local artist Burton Durand, contributing significantly to the brewery's brand identity. This blend of unique names and visual storytelling enhances the drinking experience and fosters a deeper connection with patrons, making every sip a journey into the rich tapestry of flavors and tales that define Adopted Dog Brewing.  Next time you visit, pay close attention to the fantastic brew artwork and get the story behind the names.

The Food

A culinary journey is as much a part of the experience as the beer itself. The menu is thoughtfully curated to pair with the brewery's diverse beer selection, offering a comforting and eclectic array of dishes. At Adopted Dog Brewing, their signature dishes highlight the culinary experience, particularly the smash burger and a diverse array of cheese curds accompanied by unique sauces like marinara, garlic butter, and beer cheese, crafted by their kitchen manager Jim Nobles. Patrons savor every last drop of these sauces, often repurposing them for other items like fries or nachos. Beyond these favorites, the menu boasts essentials like pillowy pretzel sticks and a standout buffalo chicken sandwich. However, the pressed Italian sandwich, available as a sandwich and a flatbread, is a favorite of many, including a discerning local restaurateur who praises it as the best in Lafayette.  With thoughtful additions like a kids' menu and options for various dietary preferences, the brewery ensures a welcoming experience for all guests, making it a cherished gathering spot for families, friends, and beer lovers alike.


The Fun

Adopted Dog Brewing extends its welcoming ambiance through various activities and entertainment options catering to all ages. The brewery offers classic video games and pinball, live music events, and special gatherings like dog adoption and bingo nights, fostering a vibrant community space. Additionally, the brewery enhances its community engagement with quarterly pop-up brunches, adding a unique culinary twist to its experience. These activities and the family- and pet-friendly environment underscore the brewery's commitment to creating memorable experiences for its patrons.


The Hurdles Along The Way

I asked about the challenges faced at Adopted Dog Brewing, notably in the supply chain and staffing. They've managed to maintain a positive work culture, which has helped with staffing issues, as they employ around 35 people. Supply chain concerns have normalized somewhat, though there have been specific issues, like a CO2 shortage crucial for beer carbonation and a temporary blueberry shortage affecting their flagship beer, leading to creative solutions such as sourcing fresh berries from numerous local stores. These challenges underscore the brewery's commitment to quality and the inventive spirit that defines its operation.

The Passion

When asked what they love about the brewery—Ryan cherishes the diverse beer selection—catering to various tastes and moods with traditional styles like pilsners, lagers, and stouts. He values authenticity in brewing, emphasizing natural ingredients over gimmicks. Traci, on the other hand, loves the dog-friendly aspect of the brewery, appreciating how it allows people to include their pets in their social activities. This inclusivity extends to hosting dog birthday parties with decorations and cakes, highlighting the brewery's welcoming atmosphere for humans and furry friends.

Ryan and Traci expressed that their desired experience for every visitor is to feel as if they've stepped into a different place, perhaps as unique as Austin or Asheville, where they can forget they're in Lafayette for a while. The founders want guests to feel immersed in a comfortable, happy culture, whether just passing through or locals looking for an escape. It's about creating a space where people can relax, play games, enjoy time with their families and pets, and savor good food and beer. The brewery aims to be a place of joy and relaxation, where the atmosphere makes it hard for anyone not to be happy.

Check out Adopted Dog Brewing for yourself—great fun, food, atmoshere and service for the whole family!


Ryan & Traci Pécot–Adopted Dog Brewing
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