Pat & Tammy Richard—Cankton Cafe

Cankton Cafe Entrance

I love the Cankton Cafe, located at 613 Main Street in Cankton, Louisiana.  Their atmosphere, service, and food are top-notch.  I was thrilled to sit down with Tracie Domingue and Pat Richard to get the history and story behind the vision.

Cankton Cafe is a testament to resilience, dedication, and a love for community in the heart of Cajun country, where culinary heritage is a matter of pride. Located in the village of Cankton, this establishment has seen its share of challenges and triumphs, each chapter adding depth to its rich tapestry.

Pat Richards' journey with the Cankton Cafe began in 2006 when he and his wife, Tammy, took over the old Cankton Drive-in. With a swift renovation, they breathed new life into the building, introducing dishes that quickly became local favorites. Their success at this initial location led to the opening of the Red Barn Cafe in Lafayette in 2008. However, an unforeseen fire in 2010 devastated the Red Barn, leading Pat to return to his work on the Mississippi River's Tug Boats. As fate would have it, the original Cankton Drive-in property became available again. Recalling cherished memories and armed with a vision, Pat and Tammy took a leap of faith at the end of 2020. They purchased the old building, meticulously restoring it to reincarnate it as the beloved Cankton Cafe.

Today, Cankton Cafe is a culinary beacon, drawing locals and tourists alike. With a menu that boasts of irresistible delights like Fried Pickles, Catfish Bites, the Village Burger with its glazed bun and Swiss cheese, and the traditional Roast Beef Po'Boy served on Langlinais bread, there's something for every palate. Seafood enthusiasts will rave about the Seafood Gumbo and Catfish Cankton—a house favorite! And let's not forget the sumptuous desserts, with choices like the Bread Pudding and Chocolate Molten Cake ensuring the sweetest ending to your meal.

While the cafe is grounded in its history, it thrives under the present leadership of Tracie, the Managing Partner. Her dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the dining experience. Further elevating the cafe's allure is the magic crafted in the kitchen by Head Chef Chantelle Alleman. Her expertise and passion for Cajun cuisine shine through in every dish, ensuring that each meal is not just food but an experience.

Visiting Cankton Cafe is more than just a dining outing—it's a trip down memory lane, a celebration of Cajun culture, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of a community and the people who believe in its potential. Whether you're a longtime patron or a first-time visitor, Cankton Cafe promises and delicious experience.




Pat & Tammy Richard—Cankton Cafe
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They are closed on Mondays.

Jason Stoner

Are y’all open for Labor Day?


Can’t wait to try it out!!!


Definitely putting on my places to visit list. Yum.

danielle comeaux

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