Brothers Steven & Patrick O'Bryan—Whiskey & Vine

Steven & Patrick

Nestled in the heart of Lafayette, Louisiana, Whiskey & Vine is a jazz lounge that transports you straight to the vibrant streets of New Orleans. In this spotlight, we take you behind the scenes of Whiskey & Vine, where the rich cultural traditions of the Big Easy meet the warm embrace of Lafayette’s community spirit.


Bringing New Orleans Jazz to Lafayette

Whiskey & Vine didn’t just materialize out of thin air; its creation was a product of serendipity and the longing of brothers Steven and Patrick O’Bryan, co-owners of this establishment and the beloved restaurant Bon Temps Grill, to bring something unique to Lafayette.

 When you enter Whiskey & Vine, you’re immediately greeted by the soulful sounds of jazz and blues – the lounge’s signature music genres. What you may not know is the promotion of jazz and blues music is the epitome of Whiskey & Vine, which is why the lounge is proud to host live music from these genres seven days a week. The ambiance is carefully crafted to capture the spirit of 1920s prohibition-era New Orleans, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

 The menu at Whiskey & Vine is heavily inspired by classic New Orleans dishes, continuing to incorporate the beloved culture of the well-known southern city. Executive Chef Alexis Indest brings a wealth of experience and talent to the kitchen, elevating dishes to a new level and paying homage to New Orleans’ rich culinary legacy.

 The Perfect Escape From Everyday Life

As a 1920s-inspired jazz lounge, Whiskey & Vine offers an experience that allows visitors to leave their stress at the door and be transported to another time and place. With a heavy influence on creative cocktails and curated wine selections by Dina Bohn, general manager and sommelier, the establishment is for those 21 and over. Unsurprisingly, this lounge has quickly become a popular gathering place for the Lafayette community. It’s where old friends reconnect, and new friendships are formed. Additionally, the upstairs loft, beautifully decorated by Angie O’Bryan, Patrick’s wife, offers a secret getaway for intimate gatherings and special events.

 Whiskey & Vine’s “Jive for Five” happy hour special is perfect for unwinding after a long workday. It features mouthwatering food items, such as the jazzy shrimp, and delicious cocktails, like the old fashioned and various martinis and wines, each for only $5. 

 And for those weekend brunch lovers, Whiskey & Vine hosts a bottomless brunch featuring live jazz music every Saturday and Sunday. What makes this deal a can’t-miss, aside from the music, is the $15 bottomless brunch cocktails, which include mimosas, bellinis, sangria, and bubbles.

 Local Sourcing and Community Commitment

One thing that genuinely sets Whiskey & Vine apart is its commitment to sourcing locally. Angie emphasized their dedication to freshness by sourcing shrimp from Delcambre, procuring produce locally from Guidry’s, and crafting their own sausage and boudin in-house from local meats. This commitment ensures authentic flavors and supports the Acadiana community and economy.

 The Unseen Guests: Ghost Stories at Whiskey & Vine

As we discussed the history of the building Whiskey & Vine calls home, Angie shared an intriguing twist—ghost stories. She recounted a fascinating tale involving mysterious encounters with entities named “Allison” and “Ladice.” But it wasn’t just Angie; even Patrick and Dina experienced a supernatural event involving a wine glass that defied explanation. These encounters add an extra layer of intrigue to Whiskey & Vine, making it a place with stories to tell.


Our conversation with Angie O’Bryan illuminated the heart and soul of Whiskey & Vine. It’s a jazz lounge where dreams, flavors, and community intertwine. Whether savoring their mouthwatering Montecristo or enjoying live jazz music, Whiskey & Vine will surely transport you back to the high time for jazz and blues in New Orleans. As they continue their journey, we eagerly anticipate the exciting adventures that lie ahead for Whiskey & Vine and the team behind this immersive establishment.


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Brothers Steven & Patrick O'Bryan—Whiskey & Vine
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