FOL Culinary Excellence 2024 Panel and Nominations: Celebrating Lafayette’s Finest Culinary Gems

As we dive deeper into 2024, there's excitement brewing among the Foodies of Lafayette (FOL). This year, our Culinary Excellence Panel, a vibrant team of seven passionate food enthusiasts, had the delightful yet daunting task of selecting seven standout, locally-owned restaurants for our highly anticipated Foodies of Lafayette 2024 Culinary Excellence Award. With the incredible abundance of culinary treasures in our community, making a choice was anything but easy!

The dedication towards celebrating and uplifting local businesses is palpable. We can't stress enough the importance of supporting and cherishing these local gems. Not only do they add flavor to our city, but they also foster a sense of community. Each of these nominees was chosen with utmost care and consideration by our esteemed panel members.


Meet Our Stellar 2023-2024 Panel:

  • Heidi Jacobs McDonald
  • Josepha Morgan
  • Timmy Credeur
  • Kim Vo
  • Katy Richard
  • Jason Floyd Stoner
  • Jobe Gwin


With a line-up like this, it's no wonder that the chosen restaurants represent the very best of Lafayette's dining scene. Without further ado, here are the nominations:


  1. Rachael's Cafe - 104 Republic Ave, Lafayette, LA 70508
  2. Shade Tree Cafe - 219 S Eola Rd, Broussard, LA 70518
  3. The Bus Stop Bistro - 3823 N University Ave, Carencro, LA 70520
  4. Uncle T's - 1001 St Mary St, Scott, LA 70583
  5. Laura's 2 NEXT Generation - 1904 W University Ave, Lafayette, LA 70506
  6. Antoni's Italian Cafe - 1118 Coolidge St A, Lafayette, LA 70503
  7. Dean-O's Pizza - 305 Bertrand Dr, Lafayette, LA 70506 & 2312 Kaliste Saloom Rd, Lafayette, LA 70508


Circle your calendars for June 2024, as that's when we'll be announcing the winner of this prestigious award!

Selecting from such a treasure trove of culinary delights was never going to be easy, but our panel embraced the challenge. As we approach the announcement, remember to immerse yourself in Lafayette's rich culinary culture. Keep dining, keep exploring, and above all, keep loving our local food scene.

A heartfelt thank you to all our FOL members for their unwavering passion and love for food. Your enthusiasm keeps our culinary flame burning bright. Continue to savor, share, and support our incredible local establishments.

Stay hungry, Lafayette, and thank you for being a part of the Foodies of Lafayette journey!

FOL Culinary Excellence 2024 Panel and Nominations: Celebrating Lafayette’s Finest Culinary Gems
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